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Words Have Consequences

Sad and shocking news of the absolutely horrible shooting in Tucson. We’ve actually got the TV tuned to Fox News, not a station I watch often, but the first one we’ve managed to tune in upon hearing this news. The … Continue reading

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Ken Hoffman & I Vote The Same Way

That title may be deceptive. I’ve seen him around town, and I read his column from time to time, but I don’t know Ken, and certainly don’t know how he votes on most things. But on one issue, at least, … Continue reading

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Tea Party Terror Tactics

Does cutting the line to the propane tank at a Congressman’s house because you disagree with him on health care reform count as political discourse? The actual story, should you opt not to follow the link above, goes like this: … Continue reading

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I’m Allergic to Michael Reagan

Bill Moyers knocks me out week after week. No other show on television, and I’m quite sure I can add radio to that, features such thought-provoking conversations. Moyers’ guest was John Sexton, president of NYU, who distilled so eloquently the … Continue reading

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