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Pink Chicken Buckets versus Life-Saving Medical Treatment

That’s what it comes down to, my friends. Susan G. Komen, no doubt under the influence of a Sarah Palin-endorsed failed GOP candidate for the Georgia governor’s mansion, has yanked funding for breast cancer screening provided by Planned Parenthood. Feel … Continue reading

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From Awareness to Action: Five Things You Can DO NOW to Help Find a Cure for Breast Cancer

I worry that I may alienate some friends and allies by being so cranky about breast cancer awareness. I feel at times like I need to share my breast cancer bona fides, share my family’s medical history or personal stories, … Continue reading

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Green from Pink Makes Me See Red

Attention! I do not buy products featuring pink ribbons! I actually go out of my way to pick a product that hasn’t been pink-washed. Look, I applaud companies that donate to nonprofit causes. I often make the choice to support … Continue reading

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