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Best Comment of the Day

The New York Times Well Blog shared the results of a study that examined who calls whom, which discovered, looking at phone usage patters: In their 40s, women’s most important relationship began to shift away from the same-aged male to … Continue reading

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Uphill Both Ways

Oh, the plight of the wannabe interns. The government wants to protect them from exploitation. (A grand gesture, as wasted the youth as, well, youth is.) Companies just want to give the kids a rich and fulfilling educational experience that … Continue reading

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What’s The Frequency, New York Times?

Another wack-ass NYT article about women. It seems, according to this article by Sam Tanenhaus, that artists’ receivers have been on the blink when it comes to women who kill. When Ezra Pound declared in 1934 that “artists are the … Continue reading

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Department of Shameless Commercialism: Nashville Edition

Boy, thanks to the photo editor at the NYT for the softballs this morning.  Please don’t keep them coming. What a charming illustration of Nashville in the travel section’s 36 Hours In … feature.  Nashville, apparently, a place so hip … Continue reading

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