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Let Us Speak! Houston Phone Bank for Reproductive Justice 7/7/13

Either SB1 or HB2 will become law by the end of this month, severely restricting access to abortion in Texas. Are you outraged? Have you been watching our state legislators ignore and cut short testimony? Did you shout NUH UHH … Continue reading

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The Woodland Park Massacre

Update 6/12 @ 9:15 a.m. Just got a call from a staff member in Councilman Gonzalez’s office, and he is on it. This staffer has personally worked with Friends of Woodland Park, cleaning and clearing, so rest assured, their office will … Continue reading

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Trivializing Violence

When we think of violence perpetrated in intimate or familial relationships—we call it domestic violence—we generally think of husbands or boyfriends beating wives or girlfriends. That can make it hard, both for victims of violence and those of us witnessing or … Continue reading

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Role Models for Charity

The Astros have finally offered some insight into why they nixed the gala benefiting HAWC, and the whole Astros’ Wives organization, and it doesn’t sound very nice. From the Houston Chronicle: But as public opinion on social media was turning against … Continue reading

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Something Fishy at Reef Restaurant in Houston

Update 5/14/13: I don’t have all of the details yet, and want to double-check before I spread news that isn’t mine to spread, but it sounds like the Reef and Planned Parenthood folks have come together to bridge the gap, … Continue reading

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Why Being Pro-Choice Encompasses More Than Abortion

Fundamentally, being pro-choice is shorthand for saying that a woman—not her doctor, nor her priest, nor her state or federal legislator—is the person who should control her own body. Agency. Bodily integrity. The right to choose whether and when to … Continue reading

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Apologies: You’re Doing It Wrong (Roots Bistro Edition)

Update: You can read my thoughts on Roots Bistro’s response to this whole situation. I hope you’ll also consider making a donation to the Houston Area Women’s Center in honor of Roots Bistro. It is a way for you to … Continue reading

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