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Harmless Ad or Propaganda for Evangelical World Domination?

I’d like to thank Betty White and Abe Vigoda for distracting a good portion of the viewing audience last night. Nothing like overt sexism and ageism to sidetrack people from the more insidious message of Focus on the Family. (Oh, … Continue reading

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More on Team Tebow

You can read my original post on the Tebow Superbowl ad here. A few thoughts I’d like to add: ONE, I think Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon pegged it. Focus on the Family set up a win-win – either CBS refuses … Continue reading

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We Have To Talk About Your Boyfriend

If the Catholic Church were my boyfriend, I’d dump him. If he were dating one of my friends, I’d be trying to figure out how to have that awkward but necessary conversation.  The one you dread having, because it might … Continue reading

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Gene Locke Shook The Devil’s Hand

A City Hall Duo? We have much to unpack from yesterday’s Houston Politics blog on the Chron website. Gene Locke, trying to get under that big tent at the Greater Houston Pachyderm Club, gave the same two-for-one pitch that drew … Continue reading

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Gene Locke, Your Legacy Takes Shape Now

Houston’s mayoral has finally turned ugly.  According to tonight’s online edition of the Houston Chronicle: A cluster of socially conservative Houstonians is planning a campaign to discourage voters from choosing City Controller Annise Parker in the December mayoral runoff because … Continue reading

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