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Remedial Four-Way Stop

It has come to my attention, Houston, that you willfully ignore standard rules of the road when storms knock power out to traffic signals. In order for the world not to devolve into total chaos, please refresh your familiarity with … Continue reading

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Observations While Driving This Morning

I Many of the meteorologists who deliver weather reports on KUHF seem to stumble over the pronunciation of meteorologist. Just listen. It’ll bug you now, too. You’re welcome. II The constitution does not enumerate an inalienable right to drive 40 … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz: Driving in Houston

Ready or not—and from what I’ve seen already today, you’re not—here’s a quick quiz to help you determine whether you should keep driving or just give up, donate your car or truck to KPFT or the Houston Area Women’s Center, … Continue reading

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What Happened To The Wave?

The wave. Still alive in stadium sports, but endangered on the roadway. Here’s the deal. You put on your turn signal, and as long as you are not acting like a total ass and I can make room safely, I’m … Continue reading

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