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Starbucks & Paying It Forward

My dear friend, gadfly extraordinaire Steve Dew, posted the following status update on Facebook just now: These “pay it forward” stories get my goat as much as they get his. I find the act of buying a coffee for someone … Continue reading

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David Dewhurst & the Repro-Socialists

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has been on a tear, criticizing opponents of the anti-abortion legislation that the Texas Legislature passed during the second special session. One group he blamed for disrupting the process via the filibuster at the end of … Continue reading

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Wildflowers & The Law

I was about to enjoy some self-righteous indignation, calling out a few people for breaking the law by picking wildflowers in Texas. Being the person I am, I wanted to cite the actual law. O tempora! O mores! It is … Continue reading

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Let’s Show The World How Houston Does It (Again)

Recall the news from late 2006: The Aga Khan Foundation purchased land on the southeast corner of Allen Parkway at Montrose. According to HCAD, they still own the property, and while I’m sure their plans have been delayed for the … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter Coming to Harris County?

I couldn’t have been the only one thinking it was highly coincidental that the Harris County voting machines were destroyed by fire just a couple of days after Leo Vasquez went after Houston Votes. And clearly, I wasn’t. The story … Continue reading

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