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45-Year Old Cocks Head to Side Like Confused Puppy After Reading Rants of 36-, 29-, and 25-Year-Old Fellow Humans

I’ve come to an important conclusion that I would like to share with all of you, the 36-year-olds, the 29-year-olds, and the 25-year-olds, and all of your friends. Continue reading

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An Elegy in New Hampshire

He took to the stage, adjusting silver glasses, returning to a place familiar yet foreign. A state where he once earned the right to move forward, where now, nothing unfolded according to plan. Outside, steadily, light snow filtered winter light, … Continue reading

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Why Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies Matter

I will admit to being someone who has rolled my eyes so wildly at kindergarten graduation ceremonies that I may have done permanent damage to the connective tissue holding them into my head. I mean, come on. The little caps … Continue reading

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