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I Can’t Get No Decent Fact-Checkers

I don’t want you to think that I obsess over Gary Friedman, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Restoration Hardware. Some people, however, make easy targets. Earlier this week, our mailbox’s weight-bearing capacity was sorely tested by the delivery of … Continue reading

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Words Have Meanings, Part 1,972,437

What do to about violence? Violence against women, against children, against men is everywhere—every culture, every income level, and every neighborhood, not to mention most television shows that aspire to the category of drama instead of comedy, but sometimes even … Continue reading

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Crisp Cables

Wikileaks. I’m still crunching through, digesting, reflecting, and deciding, so am not ready to make any major pronouncements. (I know—the world waits with bated breath.) This news jumps out at me, though: India’s diplomatic leadership finds the cables to be … Continue reading

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You’ve got spinach in your teeth. And your punctuation sucks.

When I see food caught in someone’s teeth, I say something. I’d want someone to tell me. And though I cringe when it happens, and sometimes blush madly even though I’m alone in front of the computer, I appreciate it … Continue reading

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That’s How I (Rock &) Roll

Yesterday, I rocked out to KISS while cruising around on my errands. This song always cracks me up.  I suspect that on This American Life, although I cannot remember for sure, I heard a story about a guy mistaking one … Continue reading

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