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Baking Shortcut – Boxed Brownie Mixes

This is hardly earth-shattering, but in the spirit of the internet, which has guided me through many baking and cooking quandaries, allow me to answer this question: Can you use coconut oil instead of regular vegetable oil in a boxed … Continue reading

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Coconut Chocolate Cake and Starving for Suffrage

My book club met tonight to discuss A Short History of Women by Kate Walbert. As I chose the book, I brought the dessert. I’ve been craving coconut cake, but at heart, chocolate cake is what I love best. Unable … Continue reading

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Being of Service to Your Kitchen Chores

A tian, most simply, is an earthenware casserole dish used in France to cook vegetables. Which vegetables? Diced or sliced? With or without cheese? Or eggs? That’s where it gets complicated, unless you allow it to be simple again. Summer … Continue reading

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Chocolate Amaretto Tiramisu Roulade

Kind of a mouthful of a cake name, I know. I’m trying to come up with something that rolls off the tongue a little better, but then again, the real focus here is how it tastes going down, not sounds … Continue reading

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Ligurian Vegetable Soup

I went shopping to recreate the Ligurian vegetable soup I watched Lidia Bastianich make Saturday morning on PBS. I was fairly certain I’d gotten all of the ingredients, but only after I returned from the store did I google and … Continue reading

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Now Shopping for Pointy Boots

I made a very healthy soup for dinner … so thought these homemade oatmeal pies would balance it out: Musical accompaniment: The way you eat that oatmeal pie …

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Mmmmmmm … Cabrito

Well, I haven’t hit the lottery numbers yet (dollar & a dream, baby!), but I did win a contest to help feed the African wild dogs, a.k.a. painted dogs at the Houston Zoo. The great cabrito caper happens tonight. I’ll … Continue reading

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