Blog & Twitter Roll

I tried to come up with a more original title for this page than blog roll, but then remembered how much I hate going to a restaurant that has names on the bathroom door like Radish / Beet, and trying to figure out whether what goes on under my clothes looks more like a radish or a beet, and then makes me wonder about friends in a different place on the radish/beet continuum, and I decided to call this page blog roll. Then, I added Twitter, because sometimes, that’s all I’ve got time to do.

I’m kind of busy right now, so am adding to this slowly. Let me know if I should check out your blog or Twitter feed for consideration.

Feminist Justice League (@feministleague)
Texas. And worldwide.

Jessica W. Luther (@scatx)
A liberal/progressive optimist in Austin who blogs about feminism, reproductive justice, racial justice, sportsromance novels.

StellaTex (@StellaTex)
An out atheist, a feminist, and a supporter of real democracy. Also a 6th generation Texan from Paris—Texas, not France.

Bethany’s World (@bethanyswrld)
writer; brainstormer; problem solver; techno-geeky political girl; dreams of changing the world; observer of life or something like it; lover of laughing, music, the Houston Rockets, and all things Jackie Kennedy.

Too Twisted for Color TV (@tootwistedtv)
Virginia Pickel (aka Hurricane Virginia) is coming to you from Central Texas … and speaking all kinds of truth to power.

Off the Kuff (@kuff)
Like Nate Silver & your mom’s newspaper clipping skills all rolled into one, Kuff will keep you in the loop and ferret out the numbers.

Juanita Jean’s – The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon
Juanita is owner of The World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc., Fort Bend’s only professional political organization. Her main qualification to comment on Texas politics is that she owns pink cowboy boots. Not just one pair, but several. Most likely, you don’t. [It is true, I do not. Yet. -Nonsequiteuse]

Brain and Eggs (@PDiddie)
Because Jesus never rode a dinosaur… or an elephant.

Texpatriate (@downsidetexpate)
A professional blog on Houston and Texas politics.

Bay Area Houston (@JohnRCoby)
Hard hitting political commentary, consumer activism, and always full of wit.

Dos Centavos (@2centavos)
Stace Medellín’s daily dos of politics, cultura, y mas.

Eye on Williamson 
As the name suggests, keeping an eye on goings on in Williamson County, north of Austin.



One Response to Blog & Twitter Roll

  1. Texpatriate says:

    Thanks for the add! We use the word “professional” somewhat liberally (like everything else about us).

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