An Elegy in New Hampshire

He took to the stage, adjusting silver glasses,
returning to a place familiar yet foreign.
A state where he once earned the right to move forward,
where now, nothing unfolded according to plan.
Outside, steadily, light snow filtered winter light,
falling steadily but blowing, soft and timid.
Inside, a small stage, a long line of curious, eager
supporters who could not stop thinking about his past.
His triumph, her stumbles, what was, what might be, one day,
Could she? Would they? Their ballots, their vote, their choice.
Hands shaking, recounting achievements, showing bar charts,
her husband, champion, appeals to those unsure.
Outside, dark falls. Sharp wind, hard ground, flat sky.
Predictions aside, the loss feels like an end.

Bill Clinton pauses

President Bill Clinton on Monday, February 8, 2016 speaking in Rochester, New Hampshire.


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2 Responses to An Elegy in New Hampshire

  1. Donna Alexander says:

    He looks so frail

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