Today on Burnt Orange Report: GOP Lawsuit Abuse

You know how Republicans in Texas get all in a lather about lawsuit abuse, frivolous lawsuits, and lawyers finding a way to press cases that everyone knows are losers just to suit their ulterior motives?

Well, in testimony during the legislative session, experts advised them that HB 3994 would provoke a constitutional challenge that would be just such a lawsuit, with the bill coming straight to Texas taxpayers.

They didn’t care and passed it anyway, because their voter turn-out strategy is grounded in a fetus fetish. Gov. Abbot signed it (while safely behind closed doors, far from the prying eyes or bullhorns of the #HereForJaneTX movement).

I’m waiting for Texans for Lawsuit Reform and all the other rich guys who work so diligently to strip away consumer protections from the common folk so they can grow their businesses (and vast fortunes) without regard to safety to call on the Texas GOP to stop passing bills to restrict abortion that are designed to draw the state into expensive litigation.

I am not holding my breath.

Here’s a little more about that in my piece up on Burnt Orange Report today.

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