Flooding in the Woodland Heights

We’re fortunate to be high up, away from the bayou, and on a pier and beam foundation, so while last night’s strobe lightning-fueled storm did keep us awake and on edge, we’re dry this morning. I could not resist the steady flow of people with cameras heading down toward White Oak Bayou to survey the mess. Click on the picture to see bigger photos.

I’ve heard that at least one body has shown up in one of the bayous, and have friends who spent the night stuck in cars, or at gas stations, or are mucking out their homes right now. Plenty of folks without power, it seems.

As bad as it is here, it is nowhere near as dreadful as the Hill Country. If you have friends with property on the Blanco River, authorities are asking that you search the banks to help locate the people still missing, or call the sheriff’s office to give permission for other searchers to enter your property.

Glad to see the sun, drying things out. So far, this does not seem overall as catastrophic as Tropical Storm Allison, but if we get any more significant rain in the next couple of days, I may have to revise that assessment. Stay safe, friends!

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3 Responses to Flooding in the Woodland Heights

  1. Melissa Sternfels says:

    I’m a follower, and neighbor!

  2. katydidknot says:

    Houston is actually pretty lucky today. Whatever we’ve been doing re: flooding since Allison is clearly working. As bad as it all is, it’s still a lot easier to try and keep people off underwater freeways than it is to rescue people off roofs when neighborhoods go under.

    • It does seem better … But I’ve also just started seeing pictures of boat rescues in Meyerland. Yikes! At a certain point, enough rain blows any prep away. And I think I saw that people stayed overnight after the Rockets game.

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