#GiveToWendy Today & Let’s Win Texas

Here’s the deal. We know who all of the possible voters are. What we don’t know is which ones of them are going to show up and vote.

Please make a contribution to Wendy Davis’s campaign for governor today. You can click on this button and go straight to a fundraising page. Your gift will help with the final push to turn out voters who might otherwise sit this one out.

Click here to donate to Wendy Davis

We’re on the edge of possibility in Texas. The challenges are many: crumbling roads, under-funded schools, almost 25% of our fellow Texans struggling without health insurance and access to preventive medical care, and a dangerous level of income inequality. Companies can store dangerous chemicals wherever they want, and they don’t have to tell you, while people making the most personal decisions about their bodies, lives, and families are subjected to the intrusion of the state every step of the way. But the opportunities are there as well. Our economy is solid, and our population is young and willing to work hard. We could move forward with hope and optimism, or fall back with fear and mistrust.

Greg Abbott embodies the fear and mistrust of the old guard. In every aspect of his life, personal and political, he has opted to pull the ladder up behind him instead of finding a way to bring the rest of us along with him. He’s about closing down possibilities.

That’s not the Texas I want, and it isn’t the Texas I love.

Wendy Davis and her colleagues, especially the remarkable Leticia Van de Putte, want to get back to the basics of good government.

A good government, by the way, that doesn’t worry about being bigger or smaller, but focuses instead on being the right size for a state of our size.

I’ve been phone banking, raising money, hosting events, and working to elect Wendy Davis for the past year. There’s not much time left to help, but this moment is critical, and my friends, more money will make a big difference.

So chip in today. Give a little, and give a little more. Ask your friends to chip in as well. If you can’t give, that’s OK, but if you can, please do.

Help us amplify this campaign. Tweet using #GiveToWendy, and link people to this fundraising page. Ask your Texas friends living in other towns, states, and countries (US citizens living in foreign countries, that is, as non-citizens can’t donate). Add a Twibbon to your profile picture to let people know what’s going on.

Then, vote. Vote for Wendy. Vote for optimism and the future you want for Texas. Thank you.

Link to donate to Wendy Davis

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