Whose Discourse? Our Discourse!

Someone at MSNBC tweeted something implying that right-wing Republicans’ long history of intolerance and racism might mean they would not appreciate a commercial that features a biracial family being cute about breakfast cereal and heart disease.

The response from the GOP is that the news network should examine its biases and determine whether it is really qualified to delivery news and analysis.

The slide show in the news story linked above then shows other instances of that news network saying things that annoyed right-wing Republicans.

Wait a minute? Where’s the slide show of all of the policy decisions and bad votes from GOP elected officials, and statements, “joke” emails, and racists cartoons, etc. from GOP officials? Because we all know there’s a long list of those things.

Why put the news outlet on the defensive when they are providing trenchant observations and analysis, which, in their business, *is* their business?

In the meantime, one of those same GOP officials (perhaps retired – I’m a little unclear on the bio) who lives in a mid-Atlantic state is busy amusing himself by detonating Twitter bombs full of sexist, hateful, untrue, and deeply offensive personal attacks and lies about Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

A better-dressed litany of similar accusations was rolled out in the Dallas Morning News a few weeks ago, and we’ve all been busy parsing how long one much live in a trailer to claim one has lived in a trailer, and whether you can still have bootstraps if your spouse chips in for part of your school tuition or you win a personal injury lawsuit and get a huge settlement. But details, details.

¡Y basta!

Why does Reince Priebus get to call out MSNBC without himself being called out for the well-documented history of racist statements and actions by his party?

Why give more air time to what a troll from South Carolina says beyond using his words, but not his name, to show Texas voters what this election is about for some people? Let’s get out of his @s and start talking Texan to Texan.

We have four Lt. Gov. candidates who are pushing each other out of the way to out-stupid each other when it comes to teaching religious mythology in science classes in our public schools. We’ve got plenty of materials to use to go on the offensive.

We have Greg Abbott running for governor. Did you know he is fighting to  exempt the State of Texas from compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, using a legal argument that didn’t even pass muster with the conservative 5th Circuit Court of Appeals? More tilting at windmills.

This same gubernatorial candidate, Greg Abbott, takes huge checks from out-of-state individuals aligned with businesses that prey on the most economically vulnerable populations in our state.

This election is about our future.

We need to set the terms of the debate.

We don’t have to do much digging to uncover all of the statements, actions, and relationships that show what a rotten governor Greg Abbott would be. Let’s start putting him on the defensive.

At the same time, let’s keep pointing out hypocrisy and sloppiness when the media isn’t living up to its promise.

Whose house? Our house! Whose future? Our future!

It is almost February. The primary election is March 4th, and early voting in Harris County starts on February 18th.

We’ve got the tools, y’all, and we’ve got the experience. After all …

Photo by Jaime R. Puente used under creative commons license via Flickr

Photo by Jaime R. Puente used under creative commons license via Flickr

Whose house? Our house! Whose future? Our future!

Let’s get busy.

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