By All Means, Stop Them From Reading

A gun violence epidemic. A substance abuse epidemic. You and I might disagree on what the solution is to either of these, but I hope we can at least agree that they exist.

You know what doesn’t exist?

An epidemic of teens reading too much.

Douglas Williams, from the fabulous blog The South Lawn, caught my eye with this just now:

We’re probably all tired of this phrasing, but I think, truly and sincerely, that we should all agree to just be done with parents trying to get books banned from libraries.

Heaven forfend that kids might actually pick up a damn book.

I’ve got an idea. Any parent who wants to bring a challenge to a board of education about a book should first have to turn in a book report on Farenheit 451 and then make a diorama about any book from this list and turn it in with an essay about why they picked the title they picked. (Except from Where the Wild Things Are. That’s too easy.)

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