If I Made Political Ads: Wendy Davis & Guns

Greg Abbott released a new campaign ad today:

He makes it clear, throughout the ad, with images and the voice-over, that he is talking to older, Christian, white, largely rural Texans who vote.

Even in the Spanish-language version.

Just kidding! Cookie for you if you can find any of his campaign ads en Español.

There’s a part of me that would love to see Wendy Davis blasting away at clay pigeons with her trusty over-under, and I don’t know that we won’t see that before this campaign is through. I mean, remember this?


You just know Ann knew what she was doing.

Anyway, already, people are talking about whether Wendy can shoot:

Here’s the ad I’d love to see:

Wendy Davis, standing in a field with the big, amazing Texas sky behind her.

She looks into the camera, introduces herself, and explains that she is a Texan through and through, and talked with her team about doing the traditional campaign commercial that shows her shooting a gun.

She affirms that, as a senator, candidate, a Texan, and an American, she supports the Constitution of the United States and believes in the rights established in the 2nd Amendment.

That’s what you need to know about me, she says. I respect the laws and traditions of this great country and our great state. I’m proud of them.

Sure, I can shoot, but the job I’m interviewing for is not the clay pigeon-shooter-in-chief. It’s governor.

Guns are in the news too much. Good government isn’t there nearly enough. Let’s change that. I want you to work with me to put Texas in the news for good government, fair government, government that works for everybody. I ask for your vote so we can make that happen.

Wendy Davis, like Greg Abbott, doesn’t need to appeal to everyone with her ads, just the right people. I would like to think that this is an ad that would speak to reasonable white suburban women, that demographic that is going to be critical to her path to victory.

As I was working on this post, Twitter went bananas with news of another shooting at the Capitol. I don’t even know yet what the actual story is. I just know that it is one more instance of guns being in the news instead of good government, and I can’t be the only one who is tired of that.

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1 Response to If I Made Political Ads: Wendy Davis & Guns

  1. Susana Monteverde says:

    Wendy Davis needs to hire you for messaging!! I like your vision.

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