The War of the Slogans

Breast cancer awareness and prevention nonprofits … sigh …

Komen for the Cure™ is notorious for defending their mark, some might say to the point of mean, nasty, ridiculousness.

Save the Ta-Tas is notorious for, well, if you’ve read my blog, you can probably finish this sentence for me. 

So, I found it hilarious, in the way someone finds something hilarious at 5:30 in the morning after a restless night’s sleep, that the Houston Chronicle gave us this:

Komen Ta Tas

The first paragraph of the article hardly raises the tone:

In order to properly honor the pink ladies, Susan G. Komen Houston celebrated their top ten fundraisers at the 2013 Pink Honor Roll 10th Anniversary Recognition Dinner.  These “Save the Ta-Tas” do-gooders admired the Houstonian ballroom’s (generously donated by the hotel) table settings by Plants and Petals and could not wait for the Three Brothers Bakery confection to be cut.

I’m not sure you could come up with anything more belittling than calling women raising serious scratch for medical research ” ‘Save the Ta-Tas’ do-gooders” who paused to admire the flowers only momentarily before CAKE CAKE CAKE!

I mean, you’d really have to try.

I’m not a Komen fan, but I’m a huge fan of people raising money to fund early detection and research into a cure. I’m curious to know not who made the cake (although, let the record reflect, I do love cake), but how much money these “do-gooders” raised. Knowing that Houston is on it like a bonnet when it comes to fundraising, I bet it was an impressive number.

To summarize my thoughts, because I’m busy:

  1. Save the Ta-Tas ought to file against Komen if they’re using that slogan now, because come on, how could they not.
  2. I kind of doubt Komen is actually using that slogan, because they’ve paid a pretty penny to establish their brand, which is only part of what is so insulting about this write-up.
  3.  Really, Houston Chronicle? Have you really made an editorial decision to make blogger-snark for your everyday news tone?
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