Write A Letter to Senator Davis

I’m about to sit down with one of my favorite pens and some thick, weighty stationery. I will write a letter to Senator Wendy Davis, asking her to run for governor of the great (but could be greater) state of Texas.

I can’t decide if I’m going to use one of my Ladybird Johnson stamps, or one of my Barbara Jordan stamps. I might have to use both, even though I’ll only need one, just to ramp up the strong woman vibes.

I encourage you to do the same.  Not double up on stamps, but write Senator Davis asking her to run for governor. Write a letter, mail it, then leave a comment on this post so I know I’m not the only one. (Her address is a little farther down in this post, as are some other suggested action steps.)

She’s said she’ll make a decision soon, before Labor Day, so time is of the essence. She’s making this decision right now.

Running for governor would be a huge task. She’d be signing up for an expensive, exhausting, knock-down, drag-out campaign with daunting odds.

I’d like for her to be able to sit quietly, alone or with her family, seeing and feeling the weight of our support for her as she considers her options.

I’d really like to see her standing at a podium, pointing to stacks and boxes full of our letters, telling Texans that she decided to run for governor because of our letters, because she knew she could count on our help, because she knew she wouldn’t be doing this alone.

When she spoke to the National Press Club, she said that over 16,000 people emailed her stories for her to use during her filibuster. Surely we can get 160 people to send her an actual please run note? What if we got 1,600? What if we got more?

I’m not saying to stop talking about it on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. But, just as her campaign, to be successful, will have to reach a new level of engagement, we should demonstrate that we, her supporters, are willing to rise to that level.

It is easy to tweet a #runwendyrun, but imagine if she got 100 letters, on real stationery with real ink, that asked her to run. Even if you only write #runwendyrun on a postcard and pop it in the mail, take that extra step to lobby her and show her you’ve got her back.

Can you type a letter? Sure.

Can you ask your kids to draw pictures? (See update at the end!) By all means. My friend, Keira, sent one to Kirk Watson, and he put it on his Facebook page, so I see no reason not to send one to Wendy Davis! (I know Keira sent one to Sen. Davis, too—and, note Keira’s filibuster shoes!):

Keira to Kirk Watson

You needn’t write something long, eloquent, or perfectly spelled. But please consider dropping her a line with this very special request.

Here’s her address:

The Honorable Wendy Davis
Senator Wendy R. Davis Campaign
P.O. Box 1039
Fort Worth, TX 76101

(Originally, I had her capitol office address, but figured her campaign staff might prefer to get these letters, especially in case you decide to add a donation!)

Because you’re going to do this, right? Don’t let my letter be the only one. Imagine the message that would send. 

Inside, write from your heart. Write about your hopes. Write about what you will be willing to do to support her campaign. You don’t have to say much, but you never get something unless you ask for it, so ask her to run.

Action steps:

  1. Write your own letter, and mail it.
  2. Write about what you did on Facebook, & tweet about it if you tweet. Use #runwendyrun, and attach photos of your letter.
  3. Share a link to this blog post, or write your own post, and share it.
  4. Email your friends and ask them to send letters, too.
  5. Meet friends for coffee or cocktails tonight, or later this week, and have a letter-writing party. If the people at the next table ask what you’re doing, invite them to join.
  6. Do whatever you can to build momentum. Then, get ready to keep working during the campaign!

Please share this. Encourage your friends to write. Make sure she’s getting letters from all corners of the state. Plan a party at your house, or meet friends for coffee. Have one bring the stamps, and one bring the stationery.

I know, not everyone keeps stamps in the house. You can buy them at many grocery stores, and most post offices have automated machines in their lobbies. I promise, you can pull it off, even if you are almost entirely digital these days.

I’ll support Senator Davis if she opts to run for the Senate again, for sure, but imagine having Governor Wendy Davis!??! Let’s make this happen.

Keira sat right down to get to work on a new letter for Senator Davis! She hopes you'll write one, too.

Keira sat right down to get to work on a new letter for Senator Davis! She hopes you’ll write one, too.

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7 Responses to Write A Letter to Senator Davis

  1. Heather says:

    Done and done.

  2. sara says:

    I wrote her immediately after the filibuster. I plan to write her again.

  3. I have three cards I’ll be mailing tomorrow morning!

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  5. I think this is a great idea! I’ll be sitting down to write as soon as I get home.

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