Grocery Shopping & Fixing the Lege

I appreciate Off the Kuff for signal-boosting my thoughts on sexism at the Texas legislature, and for his commentary:

We Democrats need to be asking the male legislators we’ve been voting for what they have experienced in the Legislature and what they are doing to combat the problem that their female colleagues have experienced. We also need to be prepared to perform electoral interventions on those that turn out to be part of the problem. We can’t say we didn’t know about the problem, or that we didn’t know it was that bad. It’s on all of us, and that most certainly includes me, to work to end this behavior. Human nature being what it is, it will never fully go away, but we can make it clear that it is unacceptable and comes with a high cost. I promise to do my part.

He’s right—we can only try to make it better, we’ll never make it perfect, but all of us have to try, not just women. [And again, this is the same for any other -ism – the people being victimized aren’t the ones with responsibility to educate everyone else, and cannot be expected to tackle the issue alone.]

I posted my thoughts about sexism in the lege on August 5th. The post has had 16 views since then. Now, some people saw it when they came to the landing page and didn’t click directly on it, so it has been viewed more times than that, but only 16 people clicked on a link to take them to it. So far, today, one person has clicked over from Kuff’s blog, and it might’ve been me!

Yesterday, August 6th, I threw up a quick piece about Kroger going the extra mile to oppose the Texas version of the Lilly Ledbetter Act. 1,239 people since then have clicked on a link to take them to that story.

I’m glad they’ve seen it, and I understand why it got linked so many times.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t get attention, because it is important for corporations to know that we care when they act against our best interests.

But, here’s the deal—

Outrage is easy. Change is hard. And we’re exhausted.

Kroger does something stupid. Boom. Shop elsewhere, problem solved.

People in power in the legislature behave badly. Men behave badly. In private, in front of people who are too afraid to say anything about it. And some of those people behaving badly are our friends, or at least allies who do good things for us most of the time. And elections are hard, and so much is at stake, and someone once told me I looked young and I took it as a compliment, not as an uncomfortable assertion of their power over me, and sometimes women lie or exaggerate, and I had to work hard for years to get where I am, but I made it, and, and, and … oh my god, can we please just boycott something?

With dreadful consequences, actually, plenty of people have been boycotting something because of the way the legislature runs. They’ve been boycotting voting. They’ve been boycotting caring about trying to have any influence over a system they find repugnant.

So, yes, increasing voter turnout will take voter ID, GOTV, and the like, but it will also take systemic change to a system that has historically treated anyone who wasn’t a non-white Christian male a little less equally.

Exhausting, I know, but we’ve got to eat that elephant one bite at time, and we will have to choke down a few bites of donkey as well.

All of which puts me in the mood for breakfast tacos. Onward!

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3 Responses to Grocery Shopping & Fixing the Lege

  1. Marie A says:

    I get your point and have seen this myself. When I start ticking off the list of all the issues that I am concerned about, geez, I get exhausted just looking at it. Unfortunately, and I hate to say this, the old bastards are usually replaced with new ones. Not to say that we shouldn’t throw the old bastards out anyway, so they can come out of the closet as lobbyists. There’s some systemic things that require change. I think I have to lie down now.

  2. fwiw, if you’re logged in to your blog it will not keep visitation stats on you

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