Peremptory Challenge to Legislation

You knew, when he filed it at the end of the second special session, that he’d file it again in the third. He did not disappoint.

Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr., the anti-choice Democrat from the Valley, is championing a most ridiculous and insulting piece of legislation, SB 17, captioned thus:

Relating to a pregnant woman’s completion of a resource awareness session before performance or inducement of an abortion; providing penalties.

Yes, this is the bill that would require a woman seeking an abortion to sit through a three-hour course about adoption, health during pregnancy, and government assistance to pregnant women for supplemental nutrition and physician selection; then, present a certificate of completion from the course (offered for free on the internet) to the doctor before the doctor can perform the abortion.

I am hardly the only person shaking my head and fist rather vigorously about SB 17. To wit:



I could go on, at great length and with dazzling eloquence, I assure you, about the many reasons this bill is offensive, unnecessary, illogical, and punitive.

At a certain point, however, we all reach our limits, and I’ve reached mine.

I’m tired of being forced to explain, defend, and justify the reasons women should not be treated like pet clumps of clay.

I would like to exercise a peremptory challenge against this asinine piece of proposed legislation. Don’t make me tell you why it is wrong, just let us agree to strike it from the record.

Many say that even the staggeringly petty Gov. Rick Perry lacks the stomach for adding abortion to the call for the third special session. When you have to pin your hopes on Rick Perry passing up the opportunity to behave like the penny-ante potentate we know and loathe, you’re sticking a big ol’ pin through some pretty flimsy fabric.

It isn’t time to worry, but it is time to keep a watchful eye on Austin. And, as ever, continue organizing, registering voters, recruiting candidates, and generally doing everything within your power to elect people who won’t put us through this level of crazy.

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