SB9: The Texas Senate’s Other Abortion Bill

Introduced in the second special session by Republican Senator Dan Patrick, SB9 would create additional restrictions on medical abortions.

So far, the bill has only been introduced, and not referred to committee. I suspect that it will not progress too far through the process for several reasons:

  1. The Senate seems to be focusing its energy on SB1, the omnibus anti-access bill.
  2. The Lt. Governor refers bills to committees.

The Lt. Gov. is David Dewhurst. His most outspoken critic these days is Dan Patrick, who introduced SB9 and who has declared his candidacy for Dewhurst’s job.

Dan Patrick would like to be able to crow on the campaign trail about proposing and passing SB9.

David Dewhurst may not be the most perspicacious pecker in the pack, but he’s not about to hand his rival a great campaign sound bite.

To be clear, then, abortion politics in Texas is. not. now. nor. has. it. ever. been. about. women’s. health.

It is about controlling women’s health, but only in order to stir up Republican primary voters in a state where, sadly, winning a GOP primary in recent years means winning the general election.

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