Let Us Speak! Houston Phone Bank for Reproductive Justice 7/7/13

Either SB1 or HB2 will become law by the end of this month, severely restricting access to abortion in Texas.

Are you outraged?

Have you been watching our state legislators ignore and cut short testimony? Did you shout NUH UHH at your computer screen when Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst told Sen. Wendy Davis that a reference to Roe v. Wade wasn’t germane to discussion of a law restricting abortion in a way that sets up a direct challenge to that same court case?  

Over 3,000 people registered to testify at the Capitol last Monday to testify regarding HB2. Fewer than 100 were heard before testimony was cut off. It’s not the first time this summer that the legislature has ignored our voices.

Want to help put pressure on the legislature to let ALL Texans be heard regarding bills currently moving through the second special session? Want to demand FAIR public testimony for bills concerning your reproductive rights?

Then this phone bank is for you. 

Please RSVP Email lillian @ prochoicetexas.org (remove the spaces on either side of the @ symbol to make the email work) if you can participate – she’ll send instructions and the location. You must email her in order to participate.

What you need to bring: Your laptop or iPad and your cellphone. We’ll provide the wifi.

Who: Join NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, the Lilith Fund, and other community groups and local activists for a Houston community phone bank. 

When: SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2013, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. You don’t have to stay for the whole time—any hour or two you can contribute will help! Every call you make can make an impact!

Where: The location of this community phone bank will be provided to you via email after you RSVP to lillian @ prochoicetexas.org. (Again, remove the spaces on either side of the @ symbol to make the email work.)

WHAT EXACTLY DO I HAVE TO DO? BECAUSE I NEVER TALK ON THE PHONE ANYMORE. It’s simple—you’ll log into a web-based system that will provide you with a short script and everything you need to know to make your call. You don’t have to ask for money or explain anything complicated. You’ll be asking friendly registered voters in key districts if you can add their name to a petition demanding that all constituents be heard.

Questions? Post them here and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.

For more information on NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, visit prochoicetexas.org.

For more information on the Lilith Fund, visit lilithfund.org.

Please consider making a donation to either or both organizations to support this cause and to break down barriers to abortion access for all Texans.

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