Apologies: You’re Doing It Wrong (Roots Bistro Edition)

You can read my thoughts on Roots Bistro’s response to this whole situation. I hope you’ll also consider making a donation to the Houston Area Women’s Center in honor of Roots Bistro. It is a way for you to show your outrage over their insensitivity and help survivors of domestic violence who live in the Roots community. I think everyone would love for this sign to trigger some constructive, positive action, and a donation seems just the thing!

Original post:
This sign went up at Roots Bistro in Houston:

roots bistro beer DV sign

As you might imagine, it did not go over well. People called to complain, and a news crew even showed up to do a story.

Did they apologize? Well …

FB response to Viula

And a report from someone who called in to complain:

I just called. The (shift?) manager did this with their sign intentionally in a misguided attempt to draw *attention* to the issue of domestic violence. He said they’ve donated food and money to fight against domestic violence for a long time.

It was taken down “immediately,” in response to complaints.

They also said that it’s going to be covered on Channel 2 News tonight.

I shared my opinion that it was abhorrent and ill-conceived, but that i would share what he told me about their intentions on Facebook.

As another friend said, wanting to “draw attention” to an issue doesn’t give you license to be offensive. Or plain stupid, I would add.

The next sign to go up? An apology? A we’re sorry? Well …

equal rights roots sign

The tone of this sign, needless to say, doesn’t suggest genuine contrition so much as ‘get over it, ladeez, we’re just making a joke, so focus on what really matters, ‘mkay?’

Apologize. Here’s how you do it. I’m sorry. It was offensive and harmful. It was wrong of us to put it up. We will institute policies and procedures to make sure we do not do something like this again, and we will make sure that all who were involved with putting it up understand why it was wrong to do so.

I’m pretty sure Roots Bistro has now lost the benefit of doubt with most people who see this.

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8 Responses to Apologies: You’re Doing It Wrong (Roots Bistro Edition)

  1. jane says:

    we go there often. I don’t think I can with a good conscience now. Sadly you lost a customer. Just say your sorry. Don’t get cocky, just apologize. Bye, Bye roots bistro.

  2. Jody says:

    What an idiot. This person obviously condones domestic violence. He is probably a woman hater who was proud of the sign until he started taking heat for it. I wonder what the owner of the restaurant thinks about it?

  3. Heather says:

    Good lord, really? How insanely douchey. I hope they fold, morons.

  4. veggiebunny says:

    We had been there once and were not overly impressed with the food. Now I know they are not good people, either. Way to go, Roots!

  5. Victor says:

    LOL. One time my friend made this joke to me and I laughed. Forever. Makes me sad that my sense of humor is not accepted by society and that some of the things that bring me pleasure and laughter I must keep bottled up inside of me. I feel oppressed by this humorless society. (This was a joke BTW) Bit if we could just laugh at everything we’d be so much better off. There is nothing that SHOULDN’T be joked about, it’s just a matter of your personal limits, and you shouldn’t impose your personal limits on others.

    Do you people seriously believe they support domestic violence or something? Do you feel like you’re supporting domestic violence by going there? No. None of that will happen. It doesn’t matter. All you’re doing is supporting the business of person with a different sense of humor than you.

  6. Thasia Anne Domestic Violence Prevention Educator says:

    For a business who rightfully focuses on green, to have so blatantly ignored the plight of so many other individuals, was not good. To then add insult to injury with your next sign, inexcusable. Every twelve second in these United States a woman is beaten by her husband, boyfriend, or lover. While you read that, another woman was beaten. Over 90 percent of women murdered, are killed by their significant other. 98 percent of those women were murdered while they were trying to escape or just after they made it out. So, joking about it in any form, not acceptable.
    Please take a moment, before you respond out of embarrassment next time.No one likes to realize they have done something inappropriate, the sign of a responsible and caring person would be a sincere apology. Thank you for reading this.

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  8. bigyaz says:

    Was ready to accept his apology — until I saw the second sign, which essentially said “Get over it, girls!” That made it clear this guy is clueless and is only now backpedaling fast.

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