Your Choice on Pro-Choice

Not for the first time, supporters of reproductive rights / abortion rights / healthcare autonomy & access are discussing whether pro-choice is the best term to describe their outlook and movement. I’m hoping to foster this conversation, so am providing a very few resources to get people on the same page. Please feel free to add other resources in the comments.

Planned Parenthood wants to abandon the pro-choice label
by Amanda Marcotte in Slate, January 11, 2013

Planned Parenthood gives up the pro-choice label: What does it mean for the movement?
by Tracy Weitz in RH Reality Check, January 13, 2013

Pro-choice and pro-life? On abortion, Americans say ‘it’s complicated’
by Robert P. Jones in Washington Post, Figuring Faith blog

Brutal honesty – I drifted away from Planned Parenthood when the organization started to print pro-child/pro-family/pro-choice signs, because I felt alienated by that message. I may not be the mainstream on this. That may not surprise you.

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