I’m For You. Except When I’m Against You.

Sarah Davis is running a deceptive campaign for Texas House District 134. Her latest campaign mailer attempts to frame her as a champion for women’s health.

She is not.

During the last legislative session, Davis voted to gut family planning funds. Funding was reduced from $111.5 million in fiscal years 2010 and 2011 to to $37.9 million in the next biennium.

She may have voted against what she refers to as “the sonogram bill,” but her vote was meaningless, as the measure was destined to pass regardless of her vote. The vote that mattered was the vote that stripped services away from some of the most vulnerable women in Texas.

When it comes to votes that matter, Sarah Davis does not vote for women’s interests. She votes the party line.

Davis can talk all she wants about how she “won’t tolerate the idea of women losing access to early screening and preventive medicine because of political posturing,” as she claims in her most recent campaign mailer.

The actual fact is that cutting funds that pay for those services means that she won’t have to tolerate the idea of it—with her vote, she created the reality that fewer women will have access to early screening and preventive medicine.

Ann Johnson is running to replace Sarah Davis. I encourage you to vote for her if you live in the district, and ask you to support her campaign regardless of where you live and vote. She has pledged to be an advocate for all women, and will work to restore funding that allows all women, regardless of their financial status, to access critical and cost-saving preventive care.

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