And Another Thing

Yes, I’m still on the Sarah Davis thing.

Here is her quote about why she voted against the forced sonogram bill (a vote that she and everyone else knew would do nothing to change the outcome, given the GOP majority):

She [State Rep. Sarah Davis] said her stand on the sonogram measure was reinforced when she read about a 12-year-old who was reportedly raped by numerous assailants. If the girl became pregnant and her family, church or other support system thought it best for her not to have the baby, Davis said, “I can’t be a part of supporting a process in which we are going to insert … something into her already broken body.”

I’m sure she feels sympathetic toward the rape survivor whose story she tells.

Somebody, however, should tell her that rape survivors might not appreciate having their bodies referred to as broken.

Also, I’m all for giving rape survivors access to any and every medical procedure they need, but what about women who aren’t raped? Do they deserve to be violated because their unintended pregnancy is qualitatively different?

This is the crux of it. You don’t get to set limits, say her but not her, and judge which abortion is a just abortion. You either say you are going to let women decide, period, or you have to admit that you are willing to that choice away from them and give it to someone else.

Your choice, Sarah Davis.


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