The Year of the Girl

Pundits and pollsters are starting to bring up the Year of the Woman thing again, but I suspect it may turn out to be the Year of the Girl. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

In case you aren’t on The Twitter, the meme that has been provoking groans and LOLsobs for the past day or so is PaulRyanGosling.

To get it, first you have to familiarize yourself with the Ryan Gosling/Feminist Ryan Gosling/Hey Girl meme, which you may do here. [If you’re not even sure who Ryan Gosling is, fear not. One look into those dreamy eyes and you won’t care that you aren’t hip enough to know why you aren’t hip. But if you really must know, here.]

With that introduction, here you go, a few pithy tweets from @PaulRyanGosling:

I appreciate that someone has managed to distill into 140 characters or less exactly how anti-woman the policies of the regressive Romney pick for VP truly are.

On a much more positive but still social media driven front, kudos to Emma Axelrod, Sammi Siegel and Elena Tsemberis. These sixteen-year-olds, who, because of their age, can actually legitimately be called girls, launched the campaign to have a woman moderate a presidential debate earlier this year when they learned it had been twenty years—before they were born—since a woman sat in the moderator chair.

There’s hope for the future when girls who won’t even be old enough to vote in this election are on the front lines of keeping an eye on how women are represented or ignored in politics.

Update: I spit a little bit of water when I saw this just now. Mocked by a meme. Hilarious.

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