Six Substantive Differences Between Obama and Romney

Who says you can’t have calm, thoughtful political discourse on Facebook?

One friend is geared up, and rightly so, about whether Romney illegally avoided taxes by undervaluing IRA assets. One of his friends commented that there had to be at least 20 other issues that distinguish the candidates that are more important, or at least more important to voters, and therefore our time is better spent focusing on those.

Friend one accepted the challenge, and the list began. I’ll share six, and ask if there are any you’d like to add. Our list on Facebook got to 15 over the course of an hour or so, with a few more thrown in that perhaps aren’t substantive, but are still real differences, and ones that might actually hold sway with voters.

You have to be living in a place of incredible privilege in our society to think that it makes no difference which candidate from which winds up in the Oval Office. If you are incredibly wealthy, have near 100% job security (either because you own the company or because you have fuck you money), and can afford to hire a staff doctor and pay for any medical procedure you might need, or fly to another country where you can get that procedure legally, then ok, maybe it doesn’t matter. If that’s you, please have a care for the rest of us, whom you may know as the 99%, because without us, your 1% will fall apart pretty quickly.

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