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Regressive Republicans Wage War on Opportunity

Regressive Republicans, as you can tell from their denials, hand-wringing, whining about the big meanies in the mainstream media, and wacky rubber/glue attempts to blame the war on women ON WOMEN, are clearly waging a war on women. #WarOnWomen has … Continue reading

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Making the Pie Higher

You’re familiar with shopping malls, yes? A building where retailers co-locate to capitalize on larger crowds and economies of scale? I see you nodding yes, you’ve logged some time in these temples to consumer convenience, and you get it. Great. … Continue reading

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Tips for May Day, Recycling, & Spring Cleaning

Checking my Twitter feed, I saw this: I’d like to share this tip to help you be both a more effective protester and, perhaps, someone who creatively re-uses common household items. Never use a stick—not wood, not metal, not a … Continue reading

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