Tips for May Day, Recycling, & Spring Cleaning

Checking my Twitter feed, I saw this:

I’d like to share this tip to help you be both a more effective protester and, perhaps, someone who creatively re-uses common household items.

Never use a stick—not wood, not metal, not a paint stirrer, not a picket—on your protest sign. The police can opt to classify a hard object as a weapon and take away your sign. You could get caught up in the moment and do something rash with the stick that might cause someone to rightly believe you intended to use it as a weapon.

Why risk either of those things? And besides—splinters!

Use the cardboard tubes that your wrapping paper comes on to loft your sign above the heads in the crowd. They are generally sturdy enough, especially if you use two, to hold up a piece of cardboard. They are not sturdy enough, however, for anyone to make the case that you intended to sue them as weapons.

Do not risk using a poster/mailing tube, as they are hard enough that someone could claim you were skirting the line.

In a pinch, you might even be able to tape a few paper towel rolls together.

Here ends my lesson on non-violent protesting, civil disobedience, recycling, and spring cleaning.

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