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It started, as so many great ideas do, with a group of women talking politics. We realized we agreed about many things, not the least of which was that we were all delighted to discover other feminists right here in … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney, Mansplainer & Mommy-Coddler

Motherhood is the most important job, and we value you for doing it. Except when it isn’t, in which case, we don’t.

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$98 Yoga Pants or a $30K Wage Gap

Some days, I feel like I should just give up. Lately, that’s been because of the relentless attacks on women’s civil liberties. But today, it was a couple of articles that took me right back to the days of Susan … Continue reading

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Enjoy Yer Readn

I had the great honor of helping to judge the preliminary round for the Houston PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest this afternoon. We read some phenomenal stories from some children who are talented story tellers, enjoyed illustrations from some kids … Continue reading

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