It started, as so many great ideas do, with a group of women talking politics. We realized we agreed about many things, not the least of which was that we were all delighted to discover other feminists right here in Houston. Not that there’s a shortage, mind you, because feminists are everywhere, but to discover new-to-each-other and seemingly like-minded feminists.

A suggestion was lobbed into the Twittersphere:

Last Friday, the 13th, the inaugural #htxfeminist tweet-up happened. And, it rocked.

It was informal, but I did pass around a notebook. I’m going to err on the side of caution as far as handing out people’s contact information, but if you were there & want to let others know how to contact you/follow you/connect/friend/link/whatever to you, please leave a comment on this post. And if you want to know about the next #htxfeminist, follow these folks and holler so we know how to find you and let you know.

Some from the gathering will be going to the April 28 Unite Against the War on Women rally in Austin, so keep an eye out on the Twitter feed for them.

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