Quick Update on Senator Wendy Davis

Count me among the most relieved that a suspect is in custody in the firebombing of Senator Wendy Davis’s office.

While I’m glad to be proven wrong about my assumption that it was politically-motivated anti-chioce terrorism—so, so relieved—it is equally sad to learn that it was someone who, at least according to initial reports, appears to suffer from a serious mental illness.

My heart goes out to him and his family. It can be impossible to find a workable solution for helping a friend or family member who spirals out of control. Our social safety net is simply not adequate, nor, really, is our ability to provide adequate medical/mental health responses even, sometimes, when money is no object.

Tragic all around. Tragic that we live in world when many people’s first assumption is political violence, and tragic that we live in a world that doesn’t really have good answers to questions about how we help people who are suffering from life-altering mental health problems.

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3 Responses to Quick Update on Senator Wendy Davis

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  2. matt says:

    …and another example of why our correctional system is the biggest provider of mental health care in Texas.

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