Rick Perry Shuts Down Facebook Fun

Well, it was bound to happen. When I logged in to Governor Rick Perry’s Facebook page this morning, I discovered that the administrator has removed the ability of others to leave comments on his wall. Now, this is all you see:

Screen grab from 11:05 3/19/2012.

The toggle that used to allow you to see all comments, as opposed to just Rick Perry’s comments, and that allowed you to access the posting functionality, is gone.

So, we’ve proven that Rick Perry can dish it out, but can’t take it. Here are the screen grabs I took over the weekend but have not yet published. They fall into two categories: people angered by Perry’s asinine, anti-woman policies, and defenders of Rick.

Here is perhaps my favorite post that you can no longer see on Perry’s Facebook feed:

No, no, Marie. Thank you for this delightful reinterpretation of a campaign classic!

Two accounts defending Rick were particularly active, Bettina Viviano and someone whose handle had something to do with smoking cobras. I think. Anyway, that person I could not track, but Bettina … well, shall we let Bettina’s postings and profile speak for themselves? Far be it for me to impose a gloss on them. Draw your own conclusions:

That’s right, Bettina and I are not friends. We don’t share any common interests, really:

Here she is on Twitter:

And now, as promised, some of Bettina’s posts on Rick Perry’s wall in response to posts like mine and the others:

After reading all of her comments, I am confused about a couple of things. One, can someone please put me on the list for these talking points she keeps referencing, because I am not getting them yet. And also, I’m supposed to be getting paid by George Soros and Move On for all of this? Really? Guess my checks are going to the same mailbox where those talking points are going.

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3 Responses to Rick Perry Shuts Down Facebook Fun

  1. msbrittanieshey says:

    “Planned Parenthood does not actually perform any cancer screenings…”

    ORLY? So that cervical biopsy I had at planned Parenthood Greater Houston in 2003 when I couldn’t afford health insurance (coincidentally, when a Republican was in the White House) was just some kind of awesome, extremely painful and stressful fantasy?

    • nonsequiteuse says:

      Yep. You totally imagined the whole experience. Because silly women like us sit around and dream up imaginary gynecological procedures and then send the bill to the government.

      Really, though, what you’ve done is expect that actual experience and fact mean something in the context of this conversation. Take a deep breath, detach from reality-based reality, and try again. You’ll get it. 😉

  2. msbrittanieshey says:

    Also, Bettina Viviano has two Facebook pages. The whackadoodle one you interacted with here, and a “professional” one under Bettina Sophia Viviano. Lulz.

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