Fun with Facebook: Rick Perry/Texas Edition

Now I know that Rick Perry has outsourced his Facebooking, probably to a rabid, enthusiastic young college intern whose worldview has never been challenged, but I have to admit, posting stuff about my ladyparts, and seeing what other ladybusiness is being discussed on his page, sure is fun. To wit:

So thoughtful of the commenter to provide some guidance, since we're not sure the good governor is paying attention.

Then, this earnest question:

I mean this could keep me occupied ALL FREAKING DAY!

Well wait, we need some good Texas music:

The hits just keep on coming. God Rick bless Larissa:

And I can always count on Kim to cut to the chase with a penetrating question:

And I think we’re all going to want to hear the answer to this one:

In the meantime, here’s a very detailed proposal for some helpful legislation:

Someone else has taken to rounding out my playlist. This one has several great posts:

Tell you friends and spread the word! Take all of your questions about your nether regions to Governor Rick and let him explain it all for you. Trust me, it is SO much easier when you relinquish control of those pesky ladyparts to a good ol’ boy.

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4 Responses to Fun with Facebook: Rick Perry/Texas Edition

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  2. msbrittanieshey says:

    See, this is why I love the internet. Anarchy reins surpreme. Did you see these:

    • nonsequiteuse says:

      Oh yes! And I saw it before the Peanuts strip went up, and wondered what Lucy would have to say about the whole thing, so was glad that got rectified.

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