The Church of My Uterus

That’s it.

I’m starting a church. A religion, even. And I’m going to incorporate it.

It has become crystal clear that the only way I can exercise my right to control my own health, sexuality, and bodily integrity—my very right to be a fully actualized American citizen—is to bring religion into it.

I’ll be going on a retreat later this spring to write a creed, draft some foundational documents and mythologies, and take care of the more mundane legal paperwork.

In a nutshell, it will go against my religious beliefs to allow any man, woman, government agent, or corporate entity to infringe upon my right to choose. The right to choose will incorporate choices including the choice to use birth control, to have sex purely for the sake of sex, or to have an abortion.

It will be a violation of my religious liberty to take those choices away from me or limit them in any way, shape, or form.

It will also violate the belief system to which I adhere to discuss my reproductive health with an employer, priest, sidewalk counselor, or corporate representative, among others. And, those people would be infringing upon my religious liberty to try to discuss my reproductive system with me.

It is possible that this image will be incorporated into the logo and/or altar decoration for my house of worship.

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