See Something, Say Something + Houston’s Drought

Many times, I’d like to give someone a piece of my mind. My mind has too few pieces to spare, so to keep it intact and keep my blood pressure low, I will admit to adopting a live and let live when it comes to some smaller transgressions.

Photo courtesy of Michael Mol (mikemol) via Flickr

The city finally imposed mandatory watering restrictions on all of us, a completely reasonable and appropriate response to this awful drought. Brown lawns, wilted flowers, and trees on the brink of death are all too common sights. Given the extreme strain this lack of water has had on the greater ecosystem in which we live, the sacrifice of our beloved green space is hard to stomach, but understandable.

I frequently drive through one of Houston’s nicest neighborhoods (read: neighborhood that is full of really expensive homes with gracious lawns and gardens) in the middle of the day. Every time, I see at least one or two homes with automatic sprinkler systems going full tilt boogie during the hottest part of the day.

I completely admire the guy who drives around town painting over bandit signs placed illegally on public rights of way. I’m not sure I’m ready to become the person who drives around town documenting and reporting illegal use of sprinkler systems, but I’m getting pretty close to my boiling point as far as my definition of shared sacrifice compared to the definition others seem to hold.

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