Hayes Carll’s Stomp & Holler for Jazzercise? Why Stop There? Texas Music for Your Workout Play List

Jazzercise™ has updated its official, corporate-approved play list to include Hayes Carll’s Stomp and Holler:

I was already quite fond of Carll, but his response to news of the Jazzercise™ selection has made me even more enamored of his wit and talent. Hell, yeah, he’s looking forward to those royalty checks!

Now, I love anything that makes Texas musicians more money. And, I know that many of my fellow music-lovers could use a little more exercise and a little less hanging out in bars listening to bands. So maybe Hayes Carll + Jazzercize ™ could launch a movement.

Dare I suggest the following pairings?

Zumba, Salsa-robics—Latin dance is hot hot hot in the exercise market, and Steve Earle’s Condi Condi makes a great warm-up song. I mean, we all know how important it is to warm up slowly, starting with some gentle hip-swaying and rock-stepping, sort of a mambo, a little bit salsa. Plus, as you warm up your body, you start to wake up your political conscience as well. Bonus!

Next up:

A little more walking and running in place to complete the warm-up. Then, grab your egg shaker, or tambourine for an upper body workout with Wild Moccasins. The beginner’s move is being demonstrated in the video, with arms hanging down in the slinky hipster pose. For a more advanced workout, upgrade to a double live shaker and extend your arms straight out to the side or over your head.

When it’s time to shake your moneymaker:

Lunges are the way to go here. Nobody wants to watch you shake your saggy moneymaker, after all. The Kashmere Stage Band will keep it rock steady while you go for the slow burn. Plant your feet shoulder-width apart. Tighten your abs. Hold your arms straight out in front. Now, down and up like you are about to sit in a chair, but pop back up just before the meat hits the seat. Down … and up. Down … and up.

Speaking of rock steady:

Time to get your heart rate UP with Los Skarnales. There are basketball players and astronauts who don’t get the who don’t get as much hang time as Felipe Galvan. Start small, with little bounces, and in no time, you’ll be kickin’ it like you’ve got an on-off switch for gravity.

In training for next year’s Donegal Beard Contest?

True, I know the little ol’ boys from Texas don’t actually have Donegal beards. But, if any music is more likely to stimulate whisker growth than a little ZZ Top, I don’t know what it is.

You had to know this was coming:

Isn’t tightening up what exercise is all about? From Houston, Texas, dancing just as good as they can walk, Archie Bell and The Drells with the Tighten Up. We’re back to the arms and upper body. You put one hand on your hip and extend the other one straight out in front. As Juanita, Archie’s lovely wife, can demonstrate, you then turn your wrist twice to the right, then twice to the left, like you’re turning a screw driver. On the double-twist to the right, give a double-hip-shake out to the left, and vice versa. Switch arms midway through to make sure you get an even workout.

What local favorites would you pick for your work-out mix?

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