Primal Scream Politics

Remember when Howard Dean’s campaign imploded because he screamed?

Why, then, did Michele Bachmann get away with screaming from the podium at a 4th of July event? She gave a holler that would do any party-ready spring-breaker proud. You can listen here. It comes up at about 2:15.

I mean, really, it was ridiculous that Dean’s campaign burst into flames because he had the audacity to be demonstrably excited about the momentum he’d built. I’ve wondered if part of what makes President Obama so reluctant to display emotion is a fear he’ll be skewered like Dean was.

Maybe I should be relieved that a simple woo-hoo is no longer enough to tank a campaign. I’d be more relieved, however, to have Bachmann out of the race and out of our national consciousness.

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1 Response to Primal Scream Politics

  1. Bill Shirley says:

    Dean had something to implode. Bachman does not.

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