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My Only Redistricting Issue

A new proposed map has been released, and like many people, I actually am having a hard time figuring out the exact boundaries. That’s because the file is kind of funky and I’m not 100% confident in my ability to … Continue reading

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Another Public/Private Potential Boondoggle (But Maybe Not, I Don’t Know)

Did anyone see this in the paper? The city plans to spin off its convention and entertainment business into its own corporation, a move that could channel an extra $10 million to cash-starved City Hall in the coming year. The … Continue reading

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Chocolate Amaretto Tiramisu Roulade

Kind of a mouthful of a cake name, I know. I’m trying to come up with something that rolls off the tongue a little better, but then again, the real focus here is how it tastes going down, not sounds … Continue reading

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One of the Above

OK, so I’m a little behind in my reading. Bill King, former Kemah mayor and yachtsman, published a piece in the Houston Chronicle on April 13th bemoaning the fact that we do not have the option to vote for none … Continue reading

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Abortion Takes Us Through the Looking Glass

It is almost axiomatic that if you feel strongly about something, you should not pay attention to the reader comments about that something on a mainstream media newspaper’s website. Regular readers of the Houston Chronicle‘s online edition can back me … Continue reading

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