Extra iPods?

We have two in our household, not to mention our combined record, CD, and cassette tape collections plus satellite radio.

We need never suffer a moment’s silence again.

It turns out that by raising $1,000 for the Houston Area Women’s Center Race Against Violence, I won an iPod shuffle. Fortunately, I was given the option of donating it back to the organization for the children’s court services program.

Today, I got this thank you from that program’s director:

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for providing some much-needed items for the Children’s Court Services Program.  As a court program for victimized children and teens, one of our challenges is to keep them calm and occupied during their time at the courthouse.  Some are there for hours, while others are there for days.  We try to take the children’s minds off the task at hand, testifying in court against the people who hurt them.  They are usually waiting in a very small room just outside the courtroom, where space is limited, emotions are running high and noise must be kept to a minimum.

iPods, portable DVD players with cases, headphones, movies and handheld electronic games are perfect for this situation, especially with the teens and tweens.  A good distraction works wonders in making the situation tolerable and less traumatic.  While we generally have plenty of coloring books and toys for the younger children, it has been difficult to get what we needed for the older kids.

We all know how hearing just the right song can turn your entire day around. Imagine sitting outside the courtroom, waiting to testify about how your uncle raped you, or how your step-father beat your mother, or some other horrible crime perpetrated against you. And you’re 13, scared, and having to talk about this unbelievable stuff in front of a room full of strangers.

What would it be worth to be able to tune it out and listen to your favorite song?

Do you have an iPod or MP3 player you can donate? Or can you afford to toss an iTunes gift card or two in with your groceries every once in a while, then mail it to the Women’s Center?

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1 Response to Extra iPods?

  1. Bill Shirley says:

    Those green change makers in the grocery store don’t take a percentage when you use them for a “gift card”, which in the iTunes store’s case is a receipt with a long number on it. That would be quite easy to put in the mail.

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