Fear the Bag

I’ve been spending down a Target gift card. At the check-out stand, I received a re-usable bag with this message on the bottom:

A tag on the bag explains more about who sponsored it and what it is for, but that was obscured by the note hastily stapled on top of it:

So now I have a bright red bag that I am afraid to use. I suspect the likelihood of color transfer is high or no one would have spent time stapling a warning note on the bags. I really don’t have any clothes that I can afford to ruin by testing out just how colorfast this bag is, so I’ll be returning it to Target next time I’m in the area.

I would have used a non-staining bag, lugging it around, giving Target free publicity (not that they need my help), but they were so focused on brand identity that they sacrificed actual utility. As far as Earth Day goes, I’d have to say giving people a bag that might ruin clothes, then having to staple an extra tag to each bag, not to mention providing one that can’t go into curbside recycling, is a fail.

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