Men Welcome to Race Against Violence

A big ol’ WOOT is in order, as our Houston Area Women’s Center Race Against Violence team is now 26 members strong.

We’d love to hit 30 members. We’d really like to hit 50. If you aren’t a joiner, you can also help us by contributing toward our fundraising goal of $10,000. Any gift helps.

A friend asked if men can participate. Of course. We can’t end domestic and sexual violence without men and women working together to do so.

The agency’s name isn’t meant to exclude men, but to honor the history of the agency’s founding during the women’s movement of the mid- to late-70s.

Fantastic, compassionate men have always been part of the movement and the organization, serving on the board, staff, and as volunteers. And fantastic, compassionate men are part of our Walk the Walk team, like A-L-L-E-N of The Allen Oldies Band. The Allen Oldies Band has been involved in the race, on and off as their schedule has allowed, since the mid-90s.

Men who run competitively can compete for the cash prizes for the top male and masters male finishers. (Cash for the top female and masters female, too.) Plenty of non-competitive men will be running, jogging, and walking as well, and plenty of boys will join the girls in the Kids’ K. We’re all in this together.

So what about it, Ed Schipul? A great way to counteract the impact of viewing violence against women on television would be to take part in the race, bring your kids, and be part of the dialogue about how we can all contribute to ending domestic and sexual violence.

What about it, Bald Heretic? I promise to never strand you in the West Texas desert again if you’ll come along for the race, conveniently located near several gas stations. Plus, we’re all at our most photogenic early in the morning after a quick 5K, no?

And hey, Dwight Silverman! Taking part in this race means you get to be the bigger man on your way to being the lesser man.

The last time I participated in the race, I fell in next to a young man walking toward check-in from the parking lot. I asked him if he was meeting friends, and he said no, he was by himself. Because I’m pushy, I asked why he was involved, and he said:

I heard about this on the radio, and it sounded important, like something I needed to be a part of. So here I am.

That moment gave me great hope for the future. A race to end domestic and sexual violence sounded important enough to a 20-something young man that he got out of bed early on a Saturday and showed up on his own to take part.

Hope it sounds that important to you.

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1 Response to Men Welcome to Race Against Violence

  1. Brittanie says:

    WOOT! Just pushed you over the 30-member mark!

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