Filthy Target Shopping Center

As someone who was never in favor of the shopping center development at the intersection of I-10 and Taylor, I try not to patronize the stores. I realize I’m fighting a losing battle, and admit that I do, from time to time, patronize the Target and a few other shops. It is really hard to feel good about shopping there, however, when the entry to the store looks like this:

I took this about 45 minutes ago, so the store had been open for several hours. It isn’t as though I came first thing in the morning when they hadn’t had time to sweep the front walk.

The whole shopping center is filthy:

Today, with the wind gusting, who can guess the most likely destination for this debris? The bayou, where it gunks up our waterways? The freeway, where TxDOT will have to spend taxpayer money it doesn’t have to clean it up? The regular roads, where it becomes the city’s responsibility? The apartment complex next door, where I’m quite sure the residents will not respond by rushing right out to have a trash-bagging party?

I don’t want this trash in my neighborhood. If these companies are going to live here, they are going to have to be better neighbors.

So, I’m breaking out the old quill and parchment to write a letter to Property Commerce, the company that developed the site and that I believe still manages the property. If you wish to do so, too, I’d sure appreciate it. You can get their names and email addresses on their website, but I’m going to send a paper and ink letter. I’m not certain I’ll hear anything back, but I suppose I could escalate to picking up the trash, bagging it, and sending that. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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1 Response to Filthy Target Shopping Center

  1. David says:

    The grass and bushes along the bike trail going under I-10 are full of empty Target bags and Subway wrappers. People need to pick up after themselves but I’m with you on the good neighbors piece. Those stores need to have a weekly cleanup in the area.

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