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I’m Totally Going to Win at Recycling

I’m ashamed to admit it, but in recent years, when I’ve stockpiled glass bottles and jars to take to one of the city’s recycling drop-off points, they’ve ended up in the trash because I never made it. We’re getting the … Continue reading

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When the ’80s Ended for Me

I enjoyed revisiting Susan Faludi’s Backlash courtesy of Pandagon this morning. I totally buy her assertion that the book, published in 1991, deserves to be lumped in with the ’80s. Her post got me thinking about the ’80s, and the … Continue reading

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Taxation Through Volunteering (Call the Mommy Bloggers!)

The New York Times published an exposé about parents fed up with the intense pressure to volunteer at their children’s schools. I myself have had to say no to volunteering at neighborhood schools, as has my husband. Largely, we’ve said … Continue reading

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