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My Heart Goes Pitter-Pat, Not PETA-Pat, for James Willerson

Kudos to Dr. James Willerson of the Texas Heart Institute for signaling he will turn down PETA’s offer to provide the Institute with “sexy” posters and other PETA-propaganda promoting the benefits of a vegan diet for heart health. As if … Continue reading

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From Awareness to Action: Five Things You Can DO NOW to Help Find a Cure for Breast Cancer

I worry that I may alienate some friends and allies by being so cranky about breast cancer awareness. I feel at times like I need to share my breast cancer bona fides, share my family’s medical history or personal stories, … Continue reading

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Green from Pink Makes Me See Red

Attention! I do not buy products featuring pink ribbons! I actually go out of my way to pick a product that hasn’t been pink-washed. Look, I applaud companies that donate to nonprofit causes. I often make the choice to support … Continue reading

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John Quinoñes, Keeping the Heights Safe

Just got back from checking out A Man for All Seasons at the library, since I cannot recollect thing one about reading it back in IVth form. I’m hoping it will inform the discussion I will be leading (more like … Continue reading

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My IM Program is So Witty!

It’s the little things, right? At the World Headquarters building where I office, we rely on Yahoo’s IM program to communicate. Everyone else I know who uses a messenger program sees a pretty basic prompt, something along the lines of … Continue reading

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