Billboard Blight in Houston

I have not been able to take a picture of the most offensive billboards I’ve seen lately, so I borrowed this one from another town:

While true, I’m not mad about “gentlemen’s” clubs, that’s not what is offensive. What offends me about the recent billboards I’ve encountered is that they are mounted on the back of trucks driving down narrow, congested streets in the middle of Houston.

Come on, people.

San Francisco has banned mobile billboards. They clog traffic, distract drivers, and pump exhaust into the air if they are running, and take up valuable parking spaces if they are not.

Houston has been slowly, steadily, getting rid of billboards and enacting tougher sign ordinances. If we haven’t outlawed mobile billboards yet, we should. Some time, when I’m not so tired, I’ll search the ordinances to see if we already have, but I have been seeing a number of them recently, so either they are legal, or I need to be deputized to issue citations.

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