My Heart Goes Pitter-Pat, Not PETA-Pat, for James Willerson

Kudos to Dr. James Willerson of the Texas Heart Institute for signaling he will turn down PETA’s offer to provide the Institute with “sexy” posters and other PETA-propaganda promoting the benefits of a vegan diet for heart health.

As if Halloween season weren’t already threatening to inundate us with sexy nurses, sexy pirates, sexy Vikings, sexy cave-dwellers, sexy teachers, sexy astrophysicists, sexy finance ministers, sexy Catholic schoolgirls, sexy nuns, and sexy whatever else women can be as long as they are sexxxay while they do it.

Dr. Willerson told the paper that he wouldn’t want the posters because they aren’t appropriate for a healthcare environment.


I wouldn’t want the posters because I refuse to believe that the only successful way to sell a product or a concept is by the exploitation of women’s bodies.

I’d be especially disinclined to use posters like this in a hospital setting where actual nurses would have to cope with an image reminding everyone of the pop culture pornification of their profession. Arguably, papering your hospital with these posters could set you up for a hostile workplace environment lawsuit. And that’s not because we’re too quick to sue. That’s because it fundamentally insults women to reduce the sum of their accomplishments to boobies-boobies-boobies!

It is bad enough to have to cope with restaurants like Twin Peaks. Imagine if the family in this intense blog post left dinner to go visit Grandpa after his triple bypass and rode up to his floor in an elevator with a PETA poster.

PETA is lazy. They may have an important and vital message, but frankly, I don’t know what it is any more since they seem to be making their point with a series of sexist ad campaigns designed to stir up controversy at women’s expense instead of motivate people to learn more about their cause. How telling that the first FAQ on their website is not mission-centric, but a defense of why they sometimes use nudity in their campaigns? Their tactics are a distraction.


Actual quote from Peta about the offer:

“Displaying our sexy nurse poster could help save patients from having to go under the knife and help spare animals from a terrifying death,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

Wow. Who knew sexy nurses had so much power?!

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